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Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28: Matt Bilinski

We've got a first-timer on the show tonight... Well, first time with a new name. Matt Billon guested back in 2010. Now we've got the new and improved version: Matt Bilinski. What's the story behind the name change? Beats me, but we'll find out tonight, that's for sure. We'll talk about his travels (he's always on the road somewhere), his home (I can never figure out where it is), opening for Doug Stanhope (again), and whether he truly believes the moon landing was a hoax (he makes a great case for it in his act).

Join us, won't you? I mean, over the airwaves. You can hear the show starting at 11 pm Vancouver time at CFRO, 100.5 FM or livestream us at

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