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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Podcast episode 413ish: Shauna Johannesen

Timing is everything! Sorry about the lateness of this podcast. Shauna Johannesen returns to talk about stuff that's already happened by the time you hear this. But that's okay. When this aired on the radio, Shauna was just starting a run at Pacific Theatre of her play Common Grace. She wrote it and starred in it. And she was about to embark on a hectic couple of weeks directing her Crazy8s (which she also wrote). Cut-to today: the day after Trying made its debut at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts. It's all over. It was fantastic. Funny and touching. I saw it and I bought the DVD of all six Crazy8s 2016 films. And not just because I was an extra in two scenes for a total of 1 second screen time. Well, partly, but it would have been great even without my star power.

Okay, enough rambling. Go listen to this episode. You can click the gizmo below (if your browser sees and recognizes it) or you can go find it at a podcast server near you (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.).

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