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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Podcast episode 475ish: Gavin Matts

Hoodie power
We're taking our sweet time getting the radio episodes converted over to podcast episodes but think of it this way: They're like completely new shows now! I had a good time talking with Gavin Matts way back on November 19, who was, at the time, fresh off his $25,000 victory at the SiriusXM Top Comic Competition in Toronto. We talked about that, where he came from, his love of jigsaw puzzles, and I teach the youngster about old Hollywood stars Raymond Burr (from GMatts' hometown of New Westminster) and Yvonne De Carlo (who I thought was also from New West but further research has shown she's from Vancouver). Plus we play a couple tracks from Mattsy's brand new album, 'Premature,' on 604 Records.

Listen to our conversation on this handy-dandy gizmo below or go find us on iTunes, Stitcher, PodBay or anywhere else you might come across podcasts. Chances are, we'll be there.

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