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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Podcast episode 480ish: Jon Reep

Here's the episode we ran on the radio on New Year's Eve to ring in 2018. It was recorded in mid-November, though. But it's as fresh today as the day we spoke so if you missed it originally, don't you worry. Jon Reep tells us about his futile high school football team, his cop dad's bullet injuries, how his day job producing and editing television facilitated his entry into standup comedy, and how he managed to play Opie in Mayberry. It was the former champeen of Last Comic Standing's second time in Vancouver and second appearance on What's So Funny? Ain't that sumthin'?

After our morning conversation in his hotel room, I caught his act at Yuk Yuk's. After the show, he and some fans hit up a Legion for some karaoke. Jon loves his karaoke. So I end up driving him there and watch as he absolutely destroys the room with his version of... I forget now, but it was a country-rock barnburner. Photo evidence to the left. (For the record, I didn't sing.)

I'm digging our new gizmo (see below) that allows you to listen to the show right here and now. Hope you are, too. But don't forget, you can still download us on the go at iTunes and Stitcher and them such places.


themannydanny said...

I enjoyed this, guys! Interesting and entertaining. Liked the story about the Andy Griffith town! I do little bits and write songs for the Greg And Dan radio show in Peoria, Illinois, on WMBD. Just wanted to let you know I stopped in.
Danny Maness

Guy MacPherson said...

Thanks for listening, Danny!