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Monday, October 7, 2013

Podcast episode 325ish: Brian Regan

Brian Regan is a busy man, jetting all over the place doing theatre gigs. He was in California the night before he came to Vancouver a few weeks ago, then the following night was off to Alaska. And still he made time for What's So Funny?! What a guy! Okay, we didn't get the full hour but we'll take it. Regan invited us backstage just prior to his show and we snuck in an extra four minutes. Over the course of 34 minutes, we talked about his pre-show rituals, his experience on Arsenio, unintentionally borrowing from Dennis Wolfberg, his multiple university degrees, and an idea for an invention. Interspersed throughout are clips from his standup act. If you're a Regan fan, you've heard all these routines before. But if you're a Regan fan, you can listen to these bits over and over again and laugh each time. I suppose if there were a real clamouring for it, I could always release the interview uninterrupted.

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