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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Podcast episode 223ish: Marke Driesschen

I remember the night when TV's Marke Driesschen dropped by the What's So Funny? studios a few weeks back. It was a dark and stormy night... Or was it? Frankly, the weather means very little to me. Thankfully, he's more than just a TV weather "specialist"; Driesschen is also an accomplished comedian and actor. We talked about his many and varied roles in Oscar-worthy films, the early Saskatoon comedy scene, what a young Chris Rock was like off-stage, and the trouble he's gotten into on the air over the years. It was a breezy hour of conversation. Pun intended.

Here's your chance to relive that night. Click below for immediate gratification. For long-term satisfaction, head on over to iTunes and download the latest episode onto your favourite MP3 player and listen at your convenience:

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john wilson said...

Enjoyed the show... i had the pleasure of working with Marke when he wore a somewhat different hat (hosted a magazine style show) and those years were very memorable for me, meeting people like Eric Idle, Leslie Nielson etc... definitely what you hear is what you get.... truly a wonderful person,
Thanks for the cast Guy,