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Monday, July 4, 2011

Podcast episode 239ish: Lorne Cardinal & Monique Hurteau

I had a great time on last week's episode. It was my first time meeting actor Lorne Cardinal (although I managed to snap a photo of him on a press junket to the set of Corner Gas in Rouleau, Saskatchewan, as seen on the left), and my first real conversing with, other than in passing, stand-up comic Monique Hurteau. We talked about their individual and collective careers. Cardinal, best known as Sergeant Davis Quinton on Corner Gas, told how portraying a cop on TV has its privileges but when he's on the rugby pitch it has its downsides. Hurteau discussed what it's like going to eleven different schools as a kid and how that led to her stand-up comedy career. Together, they talked about the workshops that put the humour in health, or vice versa.

Listen here or download somewhere, like, oh, I dunno, iTunes. You know how to get there, but if not, I've supplied the hyperlink.

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