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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giveaway update

We're one day in on the big Doug Stanhope CD/DVD giveaway (see Friday's post) and so far nary an entry. There are a number of possible reasons:
  • 1. Everyone who wants the prize already has it.
  • 2. Nobody wants the prize.
  • 3. Nobody wants to bother trying to answer so many questions.
  • 4. Nobody reads this blog.
  • 5. People are hard at work researching the answers to the ten questions.
Let's take these one at a time:
  • 1. Possible
  • 2. Highly doubtful
  • 3. Possible but see 5.
  • 4. It doesn't get huge numbers but I have the benefit of statistics and I know the page has been viewed many times.
  • 5. Possible, but keep in mind if you're the only entrant, you need only get one question right. Hell, if you're the only entrant, you could take away the prize with no correct answers.
So get on it! You've got about 36 hours until the contest is over! Once again, send your answers (or at least your address) to

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