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Monday, July 18, 2011

Podcast episode 241ish: Brian McKim

If you've ever read (and if you haven't, you really should), you'll know that Brian McKim speaks his mind, in tandem with his wife and co-publisher and fellow stand-up comic Traci Skene. In this podcast episode, we hear from the male half of the staff himself about some of the controversies that have riled up readers in the past. We also learn how drugs led him to the stage and why he doesn't judge comedy genres against each other. Oh, and there are a couple good street jokes thrown in for good measure. What's not to like? Besides, we recorded our conversation at Hooter's in Las Vegas! Have a listen right here, if you like. Or if you want to wait until you're working out or painting the fence, go download it at your favourite podcast depository, such as your iTunes and the like.

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