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Monday, September 19, 2011

Podcast episode 246ish: Marcus Ryan

For episode 246ish, we go back in time, to two weeks before episode 245ish. It was a simpler time. And for that reason we felt we should release it after the later one. Does this make any sense? Didn't think so.

Aussie Marcus Ryan made his second visit to the What's So Funny? studio. The itinerant stand-up comic found his way back to our shores after a 2.5-year absence. We talked about a rather happy 3-hour performance in Phnom Penh, rude Canadians, what it means to do shows in Vegas, and, of course, our mutual reverence of the inimitable legend that is Rolf Harris.

By clicking that button below, you'll be whisked back to that simpler era of early August 2011. Another way to go about it is find a podcast server and download the episode onto your electronic gizmo. A service such as iTunes would suffice, although there are others.

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