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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Podcast episode 247ish: Tanyalee Davis

We are in heavy podcast mode at the moment, just trying to get caught up with the live radio episodes. Once we're up-to-date, we'll get back to uploading the podcasts one week after they air on the radio. Deal? Good.

So this one was a real joy. Little Miss Sunshine Tanyalee Davis joined us in studio to talk about prisoners and leprechauns. You'll also learn who the bigger dick is: Maury Povich or Bono. And along the way, the 3-foot-6 stand-up comic has a midlife crisis. Can't nobody hold her down!

Listen right here right now or download the episode over at a place such as iTunes and listen while walking your dog or painting your fence.*

* Substitute mindless activity of your own choosing.

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