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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept. 4: Tanyalee Davis

The live show returns tonight. And by 'live', I mean, of course, live to air on the radio with an in-studio guest, not live in front of a studio audience. And it promises to be a great show. I've been waiting a long time to get this comic on. Tanyalee Davis is practically a local. Hailing from Manitoba, she got her comedy career started right here in Vancouver, if I'm not mistaken. And if I am mistaken, she will correct me on-air. Soon after she started her career, she headed down to Los Angeles to seek her fame and fortune in Hollywood. Not sure of the timeline, but I know she spent a good number of years in Las Vegas, where she performed regularly when not touring the globe. And she tours the globe frequently. I interviewed Tanyalee back in 2005 and the girl has stories and isn't afraid to tell them. If you've ever seen her stage act, you know her life is an open book so I expect an hour will barely scratch the surface.

As usual, the show goes from 11 to midnight PST on 102.7 FM in Vancouver, streaming live on the interweb at

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Anonymous said...

I hear Ricky Gervais is making a show about a talent agency for little people starring Warwick Davis as the manager who steals all the best roles for himself. Assuming it takes off (why wouldn't it?), could be some juicy career opportunities for Tanyalee there.