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Monday, September 26, 2011

Podcast episode 248ish: Adam Pateman

Ready for a new podcast episode? I knew it! You guys are the best.

When you download this one, don't be fooled. It's not actually Tom Arnold. Nor is it a guy doing a spot-on impression of Roseanne's ex. Rather, it's Vancouver's own Adam Pateman! And when he's not doing impressions of campfires and the opening of pop cans and the pouring of contents into a glass, he sounds exactly like Tom Arnold without even trying. Unfortunately, we didn't talk about it during his visit to the What's So Funny? studio. I only realized it after listening back to the episode.

This show was recorded on 9/11/11 and we talked about the former New York resident's prophetic dream ten years earlier. It's almost eerie, except that it's not at all. And we field a call from former WSF? guest Ivan Decker, who complains about doing shows in the Big Apple.

Get started on the show right here. If you run out of time, go download it at iTunes – but only if you give it a rating. Come on, it's getting embarrassing. We've been stuck on eight ratings for eons. I know there are listeners. We have stats for these things. Some of you have to step up and rate the damn show, maybe even leave a comment. It's really giving a guy a complex.

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