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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24: The Wet Spots

I knew it had been a couple of years since The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) had been on the show but thought I'd check the exact date. Good Lord, it's been seven years! It doesn't even feel like we've been on the air that long.

Lots has happened to the singing pervs since we last talked. They moved away to some far off land like Chicago or New York or Toronto (we'll find out the details tonight), toured the world, wrote, produced and starred in the musical SHINE, and moved back home. Full circle.

They're getting back from Seattle, where SHINE was playing this weekend, today and will join us in studio. And on Friday (June 29) they're doing a show at the Rio Theatre (with special guest Graham Clark).

So join us tonight at 11 pm PST on CFRO, 102.7 FM. You can livestream the show at, too.

"Singing pervs"? I like it. In case you're not familiar with their oeuvre, they are a husband/wife team who sing sophisticated songs about sexuality in all its forms, deviant or otherwise. Here's perhaps their signature song:

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