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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roy Zimmerman at the Unitarian Church

People of Earth... or at least People of Vancouver: The world's preeminent singing political satirist is playing your city on Monday night. If you're a fan of Tom Lehrer, you'll love Roy Zimmerman. Tom Lehrer does, too. And Joni Mitchell. If you're a progressive thinker, you'll love Roy Zimmerman. If you enjoy brilliant lyrics and great musicianship, you'll love Roy Zimmerman.

What's my man-crush on this Roy Zimmerman fella all about? Is he paying me to shill his gig? Absolutely not. While I interviewed him for What's So Funny? last year, I can't say I know the guy. I'm just a huge fan and quite coincidentally (while singing his praises to a friend) checked his website and noticed he was coming back to town. Since he's playing the Unitarian Church at 49th & Oak, there's a good chance you don't know about the show. And since last year, he played to a smattering of people, I'd love to see him get a bigger welcome this time around. I absolutely guarantee won't be disappointed. It starts at 7 pm so it won't even be a late night. And if money's an issue, get a load of this: tickets are $18 or pay what you can. There are no excuses for missing this show. I'll be there.

Still need to be sold? He has so many songs to choose from (all equally wonderful), but here's one that's representative of his musicality, sensibility, politics and humour:

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