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Monday, November 2, 2015

Podcast episode 403ish: Robyn Daye Edwards

I had a great time with Robyn Daye Edwards a few weeks ago. We bonded over our respective frozen pizza dinners that Thanksgiving Sunday night. Along the way, we talked about her regular TV gig as herself on Morgan Brayton & Other People and her upcoming regular TV gig as an FBI agent. She told us warm and cuddly stories about her life as a customer-pleasing server. And then we dug deep into her ultra-religious upbringing and how that affected her coming out as a lesbian.

You can hear the whole thing right here, right now, simply by clicking below. Or you can download the episode at iTunes, Stitcher or other fine podcast repositories. Actually, iTunes is acting up, like usual. The latest episodes don't seem to be up there, but if you subscribe to the show on iTunes, you'll see them. I don't understand technology.

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