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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Podcast episode 404ish: Dylan Rhymer

Rhymer and his old mutton-chops
Dylan Rhymer returns! After a few years MIA (at least as far as I saw), the Vancouver standup is back to tell us the stories of his lost years. Or something like that. In this one, we discover the origin of his long-gone mutton chops, learn about the disintegration of his marriage, journey with him on an overseas tour from hell, and find out what it's like to perform completely starkers. And since this was recorded the night before the Canadian general election, we talk four minutes of politics for good measure. Oh and he talks about his new role as manager of Laffline's Comedy Club.

Here you go. It's always fun when Dylan is in studio, so have a listen. If you subscribe to us on iTunes, you'll have no trouble getting the episode. If not, you may have to check back there in a few days to see if we're back up. That place is full of glitches. We're also available elsewhere, so check around. In the meantime, try this link below.

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