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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Podcast episode 408ish: Kate Davis

I had a lovely chat with Kate Davis not too long ago. She was in town headlining the Comedy MIX, where I sat down with her and found out about her 18 years on the comedy circuit embarrassing her three kids. She also gives us a hint of what she'd have sounded like if she stayed in her native England. So posh! We talk about her theatre background and her corporate work, where she can't be nearly as dirty as she gets in the clubs. And she explains how she's the Susan Lucci of the Canadian Comedy Awards, having been nominated 13 times. And nominated only.

Here's the show for you in all its glory. This one was recorded before the Graham Chittenden episode, but his came out first. How does that work? Not sure but does it really matter? Nah, not at all. Enjoy it for what it is. We're still having issue with iTunes so it'll be a while before you see us back up there (unless you subscribe to the show, in which case it's still available for some odd reason). But we're for sure at Stitcher.

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