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Friday, April 8, 2011

Podcast episode 224ish: Paul Myrehaug

Facebook 'friends' of comic Paul Myrehaug recently were treated to a photo of Myrehaug's upper thigh sporting a giant raspberry. It's the hazards of riding a longboard when you're nearing 30. Shortly before that mishap, Myrehaug guested on What's So Funny? where he tempted fate by saying how safe longboards, the sedans of the skateboard world, were comparatively speaking. On this episode, the 2007 Great Canadian Laugh-Off $25,000 winner also itemized various other accidents he's had, why he'd circumcise his future son, and talks about entertaining American troops in Iraq. The guy lives on the edge, clearly.

Have a listen here or download it over on iTunes. While you're there, why not purchase Paul's very funny new(ish) CD, Bad Things Are Funny, or you could also get it on Amazon. (Which reminds me, we also discussed if he truly believes bad things are funny in light of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami. So you can look forward to that scintillating discussion on the podcast, too.)

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