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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Podcast episode 225ish: Sunee Dhaliwal

When Sunee Dhaliwal called me up five minutes before airtime saying he was going to be late, I thought little of it. He wouldn't be the first. I'd play a clip to start the show and then we'd introduce him. No biggie.

When he told me he was in Abbotsford at the moment, things changed. How could he just be telling me now? He claimed he had car trouble, but that sounded like a lame excuse. I also thought if he got to the studio with five minutes to spare, it would hardly be worth the effort. But whatever.

So I went on the air and slammed the guy, telling my tens of listeners what Sunee had told me, and saying I didn't believe his story. Well, Sunee was listening on his frantic drive into Vancouver and called in to the show to give his side of the story. And we just decided to do the show that way. What we ended up with was a fun talk, three-quarters of which was on the phone. He finally did make it to the studio and we had about 15 minutes of face-to-face conversation.

Warning: this episode contains too much basketball talk for most people's taste, but it just supplies the backdrop. Comedy talk is always weaved throughout. Sunee tells us about opening for Jo Koy and Charlie Murphy, talks endless smack about Ivan Decker, and explains how Graham Clark saved his life.

If you act now, this episode is available to you here for nothing down and nothing a month. And we've extended that offer to our iTunes friends. Go download it now for free! Operators are standing by!

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al said...

ugh, this guest was the worst