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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sarah Silverman redux

For the last little while (year? half-year? I can't keep track) I've been editing the radio version of What's So Funny? before it goes out in podcast form. Garage Band is a wonderful tool for techno-dolts like me. It's nothing major; just a little tightening up. If there are gaffes on-air, I snip them out. Ditto stand-alone 'uhs' and 'ums'. Sometimes there's a little dead air, which I cut down to a more listenable length. It's all very seemless and makes for a slightly better listening experience.

One show I was never particularly proud of was when Sarah Silverman called in back in 2005. All of the above problems were in full force. On top of that, the whole time I was wondering how long I should keep her on the air since she had travelled cross-country that day and it was late. I had been planning on her being on the whole hour but just before airtime learned she thought it would be something like 20 minutes. Well, she stuck it out for about 35 minutes before I let her go. I then rounded out the hour with various clips of her.

I recently went back and smoothed the whole thing out, since she is a big name and people might be revisiting the episode. Now, instead of 60 long minutes, I've whittled it down to a very listenable 40, taking out all those hems and haws, awkward pauses and technical glitches, and pulling out all but one clip at the end. It sounds way better. The show also features questions from comics Wes Borg, Pete Johansson and an exchange with Jay Brown that starts out extremely uncomfortably but ends well.

I figure I'll occasionally go back into the archives when I've got time and edit an old episode. We'll call it the "Redux" series. So starting off the redux series is the sassy Miss Sarah Silverman. Here it is below. And, as always, you can find it on iTunes in its edited state:

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