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Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 15: Bill Reiter

I usually post show details on a Sunday but I'm a little excited about this one so I'm getting it done early. Our guest on What's So Funny? tomorrow night (May 15) is the legendary Bill Reiter.

If you're of a certain vintage, you'll know precisely who that is. The BC Entertainment Hall of Famer is best known for his work on Dr. Bundolo's Pandemonium Medicine Show (which ran on both radio and TV), being Biff to Rick Ducomen's Bart on the kids show Zig Zag, hosting the first black music radio show in Canada, Groovin' Blue, on CKLG-FM (a show that continues on in podcast form to this day, 40 years later), and originating the catch-phrase "Yo my little mugwump" as the Kokanee Sasquatch, and starring in hundreds of classic TV ads. And if none of those credits ring a bell, you'll immediately recognize his voice the moment you hear it. He's done literally thousands of funny radio ads.

Bill has a YouTube channel that archives tons of his work. This ought to whet your appetite. It's a nice little overview of his career:

That was just ten minutes. We'll have a whole hour. So tune in Sunday from 11 to midnight at 102.7 FM in Vancouver or livestream it at from any other spot on the globe. I can't wait!

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