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Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22: Richard Lett

I don't know which guest holds the record for most number of visits to What's So Funny? but Richard Lett has got to be right up there. Tonight marks his sixth appearance on the show. But how many of those was the real Richard there? Certainly not the last time. I'm not aware of the details on Richard's lifestyle over the years but that last guest spot was a doozy. I do know he's been clean and sober for about 17 months and is so much more sane to talk to now. A quick glance at the podcast schedule and I notice that his last appearance here was 18 months ago. Hmm. Wonder if that had anything to do with him cleaning himself up? We'll discuss tonight.

After years and years (the bulk of his professional life) living in Vancouver, Lett recently moved to Toronto. But he's flying back today for a short stay and his first stop will be the WSF? studios. We'll have lots to talk about and he'll actually make sense this time.

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