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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Podcast episode 230ish: James Danderfer

I spent Friday night at the Cellar Jazz Club watching last week's guest, James Danderfer, noodling on the old licorice stick. Opening for him were comics Graham Clark and Ivan Decker. Comedy and jazz, just like God always intended. It was a fun night.

Today's podcast episode takes us back in time one week, before the big Cellar gig. Jim Dandy talked about his dreaming of getting his jazz chocolate in the comedy peanut butter, told some musicians jokes, and informed us of the surprising comic who blew the musicians away on a cruise ship before getting fired. And along the way we played some very funny comedy clips, many of which lampooned his chosen art form. We heard from Paul F. Tompkins ("Jazz"), the Fast Show ("Jazz club"), Martin Mull ("Straight Talk about the Blues"), Mike Storck ("Cruise Ships"), Bill Burr ("Being a Mother") and The Mighty Boosh ("Jazz Trance").

Oh, and if you're wondering about the theme song on this episode, it's an original track from James' album, Run With It (Cellar Live, 2006), called "Cafe & Beignet".

Listen to the episode right here right now or download it at iTunes.

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