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Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29: Sara Bynoe

Do you love deliciously rotten writing? You must, because you're here. But there's lots more out there, if you've ever browsed through any bookstore in the world searching for the perfect book that will take six months out of your life (you're all slow readers like me, right?).

Our guest this week celebrates truly stinky prose with her live comedy show Say Wha?! The show celebrates its one year anniversary at the Cottage Bistro on Main on June 15th and Sara Bynoe will be in studio tonight to tell us all about herself, the big celebration, and read some samplings of the literary awfulness. She's also the brains behind the Teen Angst Poetry nights, which, I guess, is just lousy unpublished writing, when she's not penning her own plays and acting.

Here's a sampling from a previous outing of Say Wha?!:

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