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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Podcast episode 232ish: Bill Reiter

Yo, my little mugwumps! Our usual (well, for the past month, anyway) drop date for podcasts is Sunday but we wanted to get this one up a day early so you have time to enjoy it before either being ascended into heaven or figuring out what to do with the undead until October. This special Rapture Day podcast features the inimitable Bill Reiter. What a pleasure it was to meet him (again, as you'll find out if you listen).

Reiter's a guy I've watched and listened to since I was a kid. I was a little too old to enjoy his kids show Zig Zag when it aired in the '80s but I certainly knew of it. In this episode of What's So Funny? we learn that his feud with co-star Rick Ducommen hasn't resolved itself. Ducommen, if you're out there, come on the show. I'd love to play the Jimmy Carter to their Sadat and Begin.

I wasn't too old, or young, for Dr. Bundolo's Pandemonium Medicine Show, though, which ran nine years on CBC radio then two years on TV. In a shocking revelation, Bill explains how the cast members felt about their TV experience. (I'm going for tabloid talk in order to help boost ratings)

What else can you expect in this honkin' ep? I get Reiter all verklempt when I reveal some information about myself, we sample some of his famous voice work, he explains his conscience when it comes to doing commercials, lays the hammer down on the Royal Canadian Airfarce, and talks about his passion for black music. Oh, and he supplies lyrics and singing to our closing theme! It's a good one. Download it now or suffer the wrath of God!

Click below to stream it directly onto your computer or head on over to iTunes and download it for the reasonable cost of nothing down and nothing a month. Heck, why don't you just subscribe to it? It's good for your soul.


Bill Reiter said...

Guy guy
The actress whose name I so dyslexicalllyilly couldn't remember was Nicola Cavendish. What a gem she was on the last season of Zig Zag.

Guy MacPherson said...

Duly noted, good sir. The feud between the two of you has now been averted, I hope.

Thanks again for coming on the old show. It was a blast.