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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oct. 6: Dave Nystrom

It's been a long, long time since Dave Nystrom has visited us. Nine years, in fact. He was last here in studio with Patrick Maliha in 2004. But this time he's all alone so he actually gets a word in. (Ah, but we kid Fatty!) I always think of Nystrom as a Vancouver guy because he got his start here. But he grew up (with Maliha) in Thunder Bay and now makes his home in sunny Los Angeles, California. We catch up with him about life in the big city, acting, writing, standup, and kids. We recorded this in the summer. The file was corrupted somehow but we eventually got things working and it's presented tonight in all its glory.

Show starts at 11 pm PT at CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Or you can livestream if you like at Or failing that, you can always wait a week and download the podcast. That's a service we provide to you free of charge!

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