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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Podcast episode 328ish: Alan Zweig

It takes us a while to get into the comedy talk in this episode, but if you're at all interested in documentary films, you won't mind. The reason I reached out to the man in the mirror – Toronto filmmaker Alan Zweig – was because his latest work, When Jews Were Funny, is filled with comedians. And he was in town. But I haven't seen the movie yet (it plays at Fifth Avenue Cinemas on Nov. 10 as part of the Jewish Film Festival here in Vancouver and I will definitely catch it), but I've seen, and loved, three of his previous movies: Vinyl, I, Curmudgeon, and Lovable (damn comma – if that looks like four films, know that the first and third films both have one-word titles). So we talked about his early unsuccessful career making features, how he stumbled into his current successful career, and why talking to old-timey Jewish comedians wasn't as fulfilling as you'd think.

It's all right here for you. Or at iTunes. Or at PodcastLand. Or fine hardware stores everywhere. Enjoy.

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