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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Podcast episode 329ish: Godfrey

Here it is, by popular demand, the Godfrey episode, wherein the New York-based comedy veteran of 18 years sticks it to the know-it-all comedy critic. And after we get that all sorted out, we bonded over our fondness of old-timey television. We could have thrown out references all hour. Godfrey even admitted a love of Rich Little. You gotta appreciate that in a hip, modern-day comedian. He even displays a Little-like ability of impressions throughout our conversation. A modern-day George Kirby, if you will (Bing him, kids; Godfrey won't have to, though). I threw in a little 10-second musical intro. Bonus points if you can get the singer and the song without Shazaming it. I think my man Godfrey will appreciate it.

As always, there's any number of ways to access this puppy: Right here, by clicking below, subscribing to the show or downloading the episode on iTunes or PodcastLand, or... I'm sure there are other ways. You'll figure it out. I have faith in your abilities. (iTunes is always a little tardy getting the latest one up, but PodcastLand is right on top of their game.)

Oh, hey, thanks to peppermintswirl2, who gave us a rating and nice comment on iTunes a couple weeks ago. I appreciate it.

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