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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Podcast episode 324ish: Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton ventured outside the comforts of his own hotel room, where we last caught up with him, to be with us in studio in the Downtown East Side. The Ashton, Idaho native (pop: 999) was brave, though – he's lived in New York City for a while now so nothing phases him. We talked about his respect for teachers which is so extreme he still does whatever he's told by them to this day, being a non-hockey-playing Ryan Hamilton and one of many other Ryan Hamiltons, how the teetotaller pedals booze for a living, and his fond memories of his missionary position.

Download the episode at iTunes or wherever you download fine podcasts. I found this site last week. It's called Podcastland and you can even vote for your favourite podcast of the week (hint, hint). And, of course, it's posted here, too, for your convenience.

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