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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sept. 30: Iliza Shlesinger

When I first spoke to Iliza Shlesinger, it was in a cramped office between her shows at Lafflines Comedy Club in New Westminster. This time around, we got to stretch our legs with a leisurely chat inside the showroom at Yuk Yuk's one afternoon a week and a half ago. In tonight's episode, the Excused host and Last Comic Standing winner and I talk about her hosting duties on the dating show, why she's such a good girlfriend, that time of month, and her girl-love for Calgary comic Lori Gibbs, among other topics.

So tune in tonight at 11 PM PDT to 100.5 FM. Or, if you're far, far away, you can always livestream the show at So why don't you do that? And if you miss it, well, it'll be available as a podcast next Sunday. See how it works? We've got a system.