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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Episode 187ish

The Steve Patterson episode has been up at iTunes for a few days now. I'm just getting around to telling you. I'm sure you've already got it downloaded and listened to it. But in the off-chance you haven't yet, get on it. Steve is a funny guy, both as a comic and a person. And that ain't always the case. Puzzling, that. Some hilarious comics are rather dry or not particularly funny off stage, and some less than hilarious comics are really naturally funny off stage. There's no rhyme or reason. But Patterson is one who's funny on-stage and off. You know him, of course, as the host of The Debaters on CBC-1. But he's more than that. He's also a former ad copy writer. You can tell in our chat because soon into it he comes up with a killer slogan for our province just off the cuff.

I'm still not able to put the show right here on the blog (the internet seems to be crumbling), but here's a link to the show on iTunes. And, as always, you can listen on the Comedy Couch.

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