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Saturday, May 29, 2010

VHS Vault: Young Doug Stanhope

Look what I found traipsing through ye olde video vault. It's a young(er) long-haired Doug Stanhope, complete with heavier Boston accent. But it's still the same Doug that we've grown to know and love. Still in-your-face funny. Not sure of the exact time-line, but it's most likely late 1990s or 2000. The recording quality isn't the best, but it's good enough. I had to clip the beginning and end and one extended bit of laughter in the middle to get it down to size to fit here, but you don't miss any of the words. Methinks you'll enjoy:


Anonymous said...

pretty sure this is more than 10 years ago Guy

Guy MacPherson said...

It could very well be. I got it on a tape in 2000. Stanhope and a bunch of other comics were touring Canada in the Just For Laughs tour that was playing Richards on Richards. So it's no later than 2000, but I have no idea how much earlier it was. I figured it would have to be relatively close to the time. But when he played here then, his hair was cut, if I remember correctly.