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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just got word that Jerry Seinfeld will be playing the Queen E Theatre here in Vancouver on August 20. Two shows, 7:00 and 9:30. It's been six years since he was here last and he put on a masterful show. Seinfeld's style of comedy may be on the outs, but I think that's more a case of the pale imitators than his work. He's always been a top notch joke writer. And his observations are only obvious after the fact. That is, as soon as he broaches a subject you immediately recognize it as being true without ever having thought of it yourself. Ticket prices are $79, $99 and $125. Yowza. Not sure anyone's worth that much, but if anyone is, it's Seinfeld. Tickets go on sale on Monday, May 17 at 10 a.m.

If he holds to form, he won't be doing any interviews but rest assured I'll be doing my utmost in bugging the good folks at Just For Laughs, who are bringing him to town, to get one. I won't hold my breath but you never know.

Which brings me to a problem I've been having with this blogger page. Recently I've been going through old VHS tapes I have and converting some of them to DVD. But for some reason I can't post any videos to this blog. Don't know why. One of the clips I was going to post, and would be perfect here, is a very old appearance of Seinfeld on the Ross Shafer version of Almost Live! Jerry does panel only and goes through some of his classic bits, my favourite being the Robert Hughes (aka World's Fattest Man) material. If anyone has any tips on posting video to this clunker of a site, let me know. I've done it before but can't do it anymore.

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