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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VHS Vault: Dennis Miller

Back to the VHS vault I go. This next clip is of Dennis Miller on the old Late Night with David Letterman show. Miller was then in his third season on Saturday Night Live. Miller takes a lot of flack these days for his politics. And deservedly so, in my opinion. There was a time I thought he had lost it comedically because his politics got in the way. But I've seen enough of him since then to appreciate his joke writing ability. At his stand-up shows, he's political for maybe ten minutes and the rest is just vintage Miller – arcane references and spot-on analogies delivered in his unique style. Granted, some people hated his style even before he became a spin doctor for the right. But I was a fan. And still am. It's really hard to say that because I disagree with his politics so strongly, but you gotta separate the man from his act.

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