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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23: Tom Segura

American stand-up Tom Segura is our guest tonight. Tom's got a new album out, as you can see by the graphic. I've always felt he's had more than a passing resemblance to Jacko.

This is Tom's second appearance on the show, and like the first time, it'll be a partial appearance. The first time, we spoke for about half an hour outside the old Yuk Yuk's club on Burrard street between shows. Tonight, we'll be chatting via satellite (phones use satellites, right?) from his home in Los Angeles for about 20 minutes and playing a couple of tracks off Thrilled. Once you hear those tracks, you're going to want to do what I did and rush over to iTunes to purchase the album. He's a very funny dude and the album is great. Once we feel Tom has reached the requisite level, we'll have him on for the whole hour. But he's just not ready yet.

The rest of the show, we'll bring you some other top-notch comedy tracks, including from Paul F. Tompkins' Freak Wharf CD. Tompkins is in negotiations to play Vancouver now that more than 300 people have petitioned him to do so.

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