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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sept. 2: Roman Danylo, Ken Lawson, Chris Casillan

Roman Danylo doesn't like being alone. That much is clear now. Last week was his first ever solo appearance on What's So Funny? He'd been on a few times before, but always with his improv buddies. Well, if you tuned in last week, you'll know he pulled the plug on the episode. We were about 20 minutes into our illuminating chat when the power went out. That's the kind of tricks Danylo will apparently resort to in order to deflect probing questions. He must have alerted one of his cronies, who then took down a power line.

He's back this week but with his requisite friends. Joining Danylo will be Ken Lawson (top left in photo) and Chris Casillan (bottom left). All three are members of the Comic Strippers, whose next show is this Friday at 11:15 at the Improv Centre on Granville Island. Hopefully the two extra bodies will help Danylo (bottom right) feel comfortable. I'm sure their presence will bring enough electricity to the studio that we'll be able to stay on the air for the whole hour.

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Jessica said...

That's a cute picture! Those boys would make a perfect comedy party for some girl's night out.