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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Podcast episode 291ish: Steve Bays

Rocker Steve Bays joined us last week for his third appearance on What's So Funny? I'm thinking maybe we should tally another episode in his favour and make it four appearances since we talked for 2 hours. Don't worry, though, I've edited the podcast version down to a very listenable 1 hour and 45 minutes. In it, we talked about whether humour belongs in music, his love of Christmas lights and music, the lessons of M*A*S*H, taking it in the ass, hiring friends over professionals, being ripped off by Russian pop stars, Chinese karaoke, and we conclude with a round of Defending Your iPod.

So go ahead and listen. What are you waiting for? If you feel you can go the distance in one sitting, click below. If you're like most normal people and listen to your podcasts in segments, then go download it at iTunes (or other podcast recepticals).

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