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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept. 16: Snippets

As I mentioned last week, CFRO changed frequencies on Monday. Tonight will be our first show at the new spot on the dial of 100.5. There are billboards around town alerting the masses to the change. Maybe a few people see it and tune in to see what community radio is all about. Maybe a few who haven't heard will tune in expecting "world class rock". Either way, I thought I'd spend the hour tonight playing clips of former episodes. If you've seen the What's So Funny? YouTube channel, you'll have heard these, with the exception of one. If not, tune in for some fun conversational snippets of past shows. As always, we're also available in live streaming format at But if you're tuning in by radio, remember 100.5. Same bat time, different bat channel.

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Anonymous said...

Doh, I finally get a Sunday night off work but there's no guest for me to phone up and pester... Actually it was hearing clips that first got me listening to the show so maybe magic will happen for other neophyte listeners? Good luck on the new frequency,