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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sept. 9: Sean Patrick Shaul

Tonight, on our very last show at 102.7 FM (the station moves down the dial to 100.5 tomorrow at 1 pm), we welcome filmmaker Sean Patrick Shaul. Sean just completed a documentary on stand-up comedy called Alone Up There, which will debut at the Rio Theatre as part of the Olio Festival on Thursday, Sept. 20. And it'll also be available as a digital download for $6.99, too.

The film, as I understand it, centres around Sean interviewing comedians about what to expect when he does his first set, considering he has quite the fear of getting up in public and speaking to people (hopefully that doesn't apply to radio). The list of comics he spoke to is quite impressive: Marc Maron, the Sklar Bros., Iliza Shlesinger, Bobby Slayton, Eddie Pepitone, Brody Stevens and lots more. And he included lots of locals, too, including Matt Billon, Roman Danylo, Simon King and Darryl Lenox, among others.

I'm looking forward to seeing it. And tonight we'll get some behind-the-scenes scoops, I'm sure. At least I'll be digging.

So tune in at 11pm PDT to CFRO 102.7 FM or livestream it at Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer:

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