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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Podcast episode 290ish: Sean Patrick Shaul

In comedy, timing is everything. I sure hope it isn't for podcasts. Here's the deal: We had film maker Sean Patrick Shaul on a week and a half before the premiere of his comedy documentary Alone Up There. The podcast really should have come out last Sunday but whatcha gonna do? The premiere was on Thursday. But fear not, it's also available as a digital download for a mere $7.00. That's 86 minutes worth of entertainment for a lousy seven beans! (You can download it here.) Besides featuring me for a good ten seconds, the film also talks to the likes of Marc Maron, Mark Breslin, Eddie Pepitone, Mike MacDonald, Iliza Shlesinger (next week's guest on What's So Funny?, by the way), Jeremy Hotz and lots, lots more. Plus, there's some great archival footage. (Yes, I already watched it on my very own computer. Easy-peasy).

Anyway, in this episode, Sean talks about documentaries, punk rock, stage fright and reveals the name of one very famous comic who rudely refused to be in the film. I won't spoil it for you but it rhymes with Fatten Laws Fault.

Enjoy the episode here and now or go download it on iTunes or wherever it is you download podcasts from. Ask for us by name.

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