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Friday, September 14, 2012

Kliph Nesteroff on WTF with Marc Maron

Big ups to local boy Kliph Nesteroff, who is on the latest episode of WTF with Marc Maron. This is huge. Maron is the modern-day Johnny Carson in that it's a real mark of honour for a comic (and comedy-related people) to get on the show. And when they do, legions of fans can follow. I haven't heard the episode yet because I'm a bit anal in that I have to listen to them in order. I've been listening since the very beginning and have heard every single episode all the way through. Maron does two a week, which is a little exhausting, and who has the time to listen as soon as they come out? Not I. Nesteroff is on episode 314 while I'm currently in the middle of episode 301, so it'll be a week or two before I get to it. But I'm sure it's excellent.

Funny story: A few weeks ago I was in Victoria for the Blue Bridge Comedy Festival. I'm standing in line outside what used to be Harpo's (I can't keep up with the name changes in my hometown) to get in to Maron's show. Marc wanders around outside, spots me, and comes up to talk for a bit. He engages a few of the excited fans around me then says he's got to go in. After he left, an older man behind me asks if I know him. I say, "A little bit. But I'm still standing in line so obviously not that much." I tell the guy I've interviewed him a few times and that I do a podcast, too. He asks the name of it and I dutifully tell him What's So Funny? "Oh!" says the guy. "I know that one. You had Kliph Nesteroff on!"

The guy didn't know Kliph, he was just a fan of Kliph's blog and had searched him out on the podcast. Small world. I messaged Kliph to relate the story to him but he didn't tip me to the fact he'd probably already, by this time, recorded his own chat with Maron. So it was a surprise to me when I learned this week that he'd be on.

If you're stumbling onto this blog because you've just learned of Kliph, he's been a guest on What's So Funny? five times, dating back to 2004. The last time, recorded in January, was a 90-minute affair. Since I've yet to hear the WTF one, I don't know if he told any of the same stories, but he told some pretty great ones. You might want to check it out. (And if you're new to this show, I've also had Maron on twice.)

Here's the latest Nesteroff episode of WSF? And to hear him with Maron, follow this link.

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